Roadtrip, sailing and kitesurf


Germany and Sweden, September 2015

The month of September started with a road trip to Germany.

First, we went to Eckernförde, were our film "Coral Gardens of Scandinavia" had been selected for screening at "Green Screen International Wildife Film Festival".

The stay at the filmfestival also included a shorter sailing trip in the Baltic sea, which was a very nice activity for the many film makers getting social while enjoying the fresh air and sea atmosphere :-)

Back at the Swedish west coast, the Autumn begins to show its beautiful presence. The cliffs and beaches which in Summer are crowded with people, are now totally empty. Mother Nature has got her peace back and I too truly enjoy this absolut silence.

Even though the water temperature is dropping rapidly, a jump in this refreshing environment is also very pleasing.

However, if not dressed in a dive suit, my stay in the water seems to get much shorter for each time... ;-)

The calm sea days develops into more windy conditions. Will it be enough wind for us to make our first kitesurf session in Scandinavian waters?

Fingers crossed followed by wind check and lots of waiting... and waiting...

Finally!! In last minute we get conditions good enough for Christian to make a ride!

Like diving, kitesurf looks "a bit" colder in Scandinavian waters than in tropical seas... ;-)

No kitesurf for me this time though, but in great hope the conditions will allow me to do so another day!