To be under water is like being in another world. A world, so different from our land living community, but even so, a world so important for all life living on dry land. The life under the surface is for many of us anonymous. A world we does not see is a world we easily forget, and therfore it is really difficult for us to know what takes place at the depths of our oceans.

While diving, I get many extraordinary experiences and memoriable encounters with those deep living inhabitants. It does not need to be a big whale or a shark to make the dives exiting, here, at the depths, you will find a great variety of life in all sizes, colours and shapes.

The many exotic dive spots are well known all over the world, but even in our cold and dark waters there are lots to be found and experience.

But life under water has become badly affected from our human activity. ”The quiet world” is not quiet any longer and the habitats of the seas is suffering more and more from our increasing economic interests. What is happening to the life under water is also going to influence all the life over water and with that it should be even more important for us to spread the knowledge and interests of our unique world that is hiding beneath surface.

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