Connemara - The Wild West of Ireland


At the west coast of Ireland there is a district called Connemara. This beautiful countryside is consisting of a broad peninsula between Killary Harbour and Kilkieran Bay in the west of County Galway. Here you will find a great variety of green hills, long sandy beaches, mysterious lakes, high mountains, deep valleys and a never ending view of the Atlantic ocean.

Connemara is well known for its dramatic landscape and ruff weather conditions. The coast line here offers a great scenery of dramatic precipices, caves, cliffs and weather isolated islands...

The Atlantic ocean is always close by and under the surface we explore many different and fascinating marine inhabitants. The deep kelp forests offers a great shelter and living area for many species. One of them, the lesser spotted dogfish (also called small-spotted catshark) gets here a god opportunity to find a protected area for their eggs, also called ”mermaid's purses” or ”devil's purses”.

At the sandy bottom we also see a majority of skates passing by while the great lobster suspicious is watching us from his shelter below.

Under water as well as over water, Connemara is always offering extraordinary experiences, beautiful scenery and a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Ireland is world famous for its friendly people and here in Connemara the people are really charming and easy going. And with the quotation - ”You don´t need to be crazy to live here, but it helps” I really do believe a life here would suit me... =)

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