North sea


Inverness, Scotland, 11/6-2011

N 57°29.134´
W 004°14.961´

Distance made: 579 nautical miles

Our sailing over the North sea has been really amazing. During our trip we have already had all kind of weather, from total calm sea and heating sun to heavy winds, rain and thunder... These big variations makes the sailing even more exiting!

Early morning Sunday the 5th of June our long sailing voyage starts from the harbour at the Swedish west coast. We are all very exited to finally start our year at sea...!

From Orust, at the Swedish west coast, our first plan is to cross the North sea. In the beginning the weather is perfect and with the wind in our sails we get a really nice speed through the water. Soon the Swedish west coast is disappearing behind us and all we can see is the never ending horizon.

The distance from Orust to Inverness, Scotland, is about 579 nautical miles and is a nice start of our sailing voyage to the Red sea.

It is always nice to meet different kind of life out at sea. The sea birds is always there and are quite curious of our boat. But sometimes we get even bigger company, like dophins and whales. This time we got a huge school of whitebeaked dolphins playing around our boat. A lovely start an early morning!!!

Land in sight! Early morning Thursday the 9th of June we get the first sight of the east coast of Scotland. Four days have past since we left the west coast of Sweden. It is a lovely sight when the puffins, grey seals and bottle nose dolphins welcome us to the waters of Scotland.

What an amazing start of our sailing expedition! We are now in the Caledonian Canal in Scotland and from here we are soon continuing our adventure further south...

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we takes, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."
(Author Unknown)


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