Kalymnos - Amorgos


Amorgos, Greece, 31/5-2012


Sailing distance made: 8191 nautical miles

Kalymnos is well known as ”The Sponge Diver Island”, but also famous for its good climbing.

Here we stay in small sheltered bays...

Great mountains, small villages and a lovely atmosphere...

... a wonderful place to explore! ;)

But it is not only the mountains that are calling for a visit...

... with other words; time to take the camera under water... :)

And also to make some test dives with our new monitor...

We enjoy our work in Kalymnos and so it is getting time to head further west again...

Almost 60 nautical miles later we arrive Amorgos, the island were Luc Besson´s film "The Big Blue" (Le Grand Bleu) was filmed... :)

There are also vampires and ghosts on the island, they say...  So far, I have not met any... But who knows what is coming for a visit after twilight... ;)


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