Wild Crete


Chania, Crete, Greece, 12/10-2012

October and the temperature is dropping... which means better climate for hiking...! :)

With other words, time to explore the wild side of Crete... hiking boots on and I am on my way!! ;)

In company of goats and lizards I walk through the beautiful landscape. From high mountains and wild gorges to steep cliffs and lonely beaches...

There are many caves around offering good shelter for the night. As the sea creature I am I prefer to stay close to shore so after some searching I finally find my perfect cave with great view over the Libyan Sea.

The last thing I see before closing my eyes is some turtles swimming among the waves. Happy for my new company and with the relaxing sound from the waves I soon fall asleep...

It has been a lovely day... and for sure, there are more adventures waiting tomorrow!! :)


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