Kendec - "The Two Palm Tree Island"


Slussen, Sweden 17/3-2013

Time flies when you are having fun, it truly does...

It feels like yesterday when I started my trip from Sweden to New Caledonia. Now, almost 1,5 months later, I am already back at northern latitudes again. Where did the time go?!

It is right, I have had an awesome stay in the South Pacific and in this blog post I want to share some pics from a very special place...

 -Kendec - "The Two Palm Tree Island"

Kendec is a small deserted island off the north west coast of New Caledonia. With its two coconut palm trees Kendec is easily identified already from far distance...

Exept the two palm trees, you also find some cactuses and bushes on the island, all surrounded by the sandy beach...

Home sweet home!! Our plan is to stay almost a week at this exotic place and so we do.

Spartan living on a small deserted two palm tree island, who can ask for more?? :)

The days are hot and sunny and the surrounding waves so tempting! 

Hmm... what to do? ;)

Well, not a difficult question. It is water time!!! Water time as well as playing time! :)

Either above, or...

... beneath the surface! :)

It is true freedom to playfully swim in the blue surrounding, and it never takes a long time before you get curious company...

Sharks and corals., sea birds and hermit crabs., palm trees and cactuses... cooling water and warming sand., smiles and happy faces...

Without any doubt, Kendec island offers a great time! :)

Whether it is a deserted island in the Pacific, or a remote mountain area in the much colder Arctic... Daytime or dark night... Above or beneath the rolling waves...

-Beautiful planet Earth truly is an amazing place!

.... :) ....

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