Gibraltar - Azores


Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal 14/8-2013

N 37°44.316´

From Gibraltar, we continue our trip further west...

... and finally, we are back in the Atlantic again... :)

Almost 1000 nautical miles to go before reaching our next dive destination...

The wind is increasing into gale force and with reefed sails we get a good speed through the water. The nautical miles starts to count down...

Azores, here we come!!

Auuu, auuu... The big swells mixed with the waves starts to feed my seasickness... No, no, not good! But what to do? If you are out at sea, it is just to continue sailing... ;)

7 nights and 8 days later we start to reach our aim...

Look, look, land in sight!!

The dolphins welcomes us to the blue Azorean waters. Yiipieee, we are back in Sáo Miguel, Azores again!!! :)

Entirely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, we are now looking forward to our upcoming dives around the Azorean islands.

Great times are waiting us ahead .... :) ....

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