The Arctic Giant on SVT!


If you follow my blog, you probably remember that I went to Canadian Arctic to film Bowhead whales together with Loke Film summer 2012.

Loke Film has made a great work and their film "The Arctic Giant" became incredibly popular when it was shown on Danish National Television in September 2013 (over 800 000 viewers).
Now, it is time for Swedish National Television to show the film!

SVT2: Sunday the 20th of October at 7pm is the date and time to remember (more broadcasting hours below).

Do not miss this well-made film (1 hour), which follows the life and history of the Bowhead whales, a whale species that can get more than 200 years old. A film produced by Adam Schmedes/Loke Film.

Always fun with "behind the shot"- scenes so here follows a couple of "making of"-sequences and pics from the fieldwork.

More about Loke Film:

Broadcasting hours "The Arctic Giant" (Arktisk Jätte) SVT:


Sunday 20/10 kl 19.00

SVTK (Kunskapskanalen): 

Monday 21/10 kl 20.00

Wednesday 23/10 kl 13.00

Saturday 26/10 kl 17.05

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