Swedish West Coast Summer!


Orust Island, Sweden, 7th of July 2015

Some pics from my current time spent on the island Orust, at the Swedish west coast. This neck of the woods is where I am grown up...

I love being up with the sun and to start my day in the water. The rising sun is reflecting herself in the total quiet sea, the only movements on the water is made by myself when jumping into the salty surrounding. It is 5AM and no people are to be seen around...

Better conditions for sea kayaking is hard to find. Even though the day is filled with scheduled activities and work, I find time for some hours of paddling. Feeling so free and happy! :-)

Days like these are perfect for diving and we have lately been out for making some additional shots for our upcoming production.

I´m feeling grateful for being surrounded by 24 hours of beauty each day! If I could eat with my eyes, I would eat a lot... ;-)

This is the evening scenery seen some few meter from my door...

The scenery never looks the same, the beauty changes in many ways and colours, each day and evening has its new surprises.

This fresh water lake is a perfect place for a final swim before heading towards bed and dreamland...

I do admit that it is very hard finding the right time for sleeping when there are so much beauty in nature to admire all day and night long.

But still I need a lot of sleep for keep being the active creature I like continuing to be, so I finally say god night for finding some peaceful rest before it is time for another beautiful, charming day.

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