The Big Kiss unedited


When working on some editing lately, I once again came across the footage of "The Big Kiss", where a young Sperm whale decides to have a closer look on me. Such a wonderful experience needs to be shared many times!! So here it is, the raw footage of my very first big kiss ;-)

To read the full story behind this memorable encounter, check HERE.

Since this footage was taken, I´ve been experience many other close encounters with those majestic creatures. No more real kisses like this one though ;-) but still very close and curious meetings...

More about our last whale encounters and our new film production soon on the blog! Stay tuned :-)

Sperm whale kisses freediver!
The feeling of being kissed by a whale!! :)Unedited footage. A young curious Sperm whale decides to have a very close look on me! This exceptional encounter was filmed in the Atlantic waters off the Azorean coast, with special permit from the Regional Government of the Azores. Freediver: Birgitta Mueck © Crystal Water Film Production ABIncl. a bit of adrenaline ;) & deep respect for those amazing creatures <3
Posted by Birgitta Mueck on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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