Life´s many contrasts


Montreal, Canada 22/3-2016

Our lives, and the natural world surrounding us, are full of contrasts. What would life be without contrast? Contrast is what makes life so interesting and diverse, in many, many different ways...

Dark nights turn to bright days. The quiet, frozen winter develops into lively, flourishing spring. Grey cloud covers change to clear blue skies.

We feel heat and cold, experience sadness and joy.

When out for a walk, enjoying the early spring sun and crispy cold air, I look up on the naked tree trunks and their many branches.

In only a couple of months from now, they will all be covered by young green flourishing leaves.

This little observation fed my thinking of life´s contrasts and how much I enjoy these many various contrasts life holds.

Life out at sea vs on land. Diving the deep oceans vs climbing the cliffs. Being out in field during expeditions vs edit the result back home.

To be alone vs enjoy time with others. Take pleasure in activities and exercises vs rest and relax. To miss and long for someone or something vs to be with the person or do what one has been longing for.

They might be daily and obvious, or slowly changing during longer periods of time. They might be big or small, affect us alot, or not so much. The list of life´s many different contrasts could literally go on and on.

To keep an open mind, appreciating contrasts, changes and challenges make us see the value in all life experiences :-)

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