Fascinating May


Orust, Sweden 28/5-16

May is such a wonderful and exiting month I find! So much there is happening in nature during this time of year, and so fast! Both on the vegetation- and animal side :-)

When I arrived Sweden, in the start of the month, there was not much green in the trees to be seen. Though, it doesn´t take much for it all to "explode" and suddenly there is so much green- and colourful flower-power beauty every where!

Only early May, and we get a super nice period of warm summer weather. 25°C in early May is warm for being in Sweden, and I´m happily taking the opportunity to enjoy those days on the water.

So good it feels to be back in the kayak again! I easily spend many hours paddling around the many islands, watching wildlife while enjoying the total silence :-)

We are about to start a new film project, and our sailing yacht "Eja" is getting prepared for this upcoming sail expedition. After lots of work, she is finally ready to become a "floating castle" again.

I find it a bit scary though, when I see the boat "flying" high above the ground, and I feel very relieved when she finally starts to touch the water...

There is still plenty work on the "Eja", before we are ready to start our new film adventure. More about this upcoming film expedition, in another, upcoming blogpost!

Even if the air temperature stayed warm for quite a bit, the water in the fjord is still kind of cold. About 7°C when reaching some few meters of depth, both at the Swedish west coast...

... as well as during our dives at the east coast, in the Baltic Sea.

Our film "Life against all odds" just had its TV-premiere on Swedish National Television, and we are so happy and thankful for all the wonderful words, messages and comments we have got from you all that have seen the film. Thank you so much!! :-)

If you are in Sweden, you can watch the film on SVT Play until the 23rd of June: http://www.svt.se/naturfilm/se-program/liv-mot-alla-odds-svt

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