PADI AmbassaDiver

Sweden, 11 of July 2016

For the never ending love for the Ocean and its countless fascinating inhabitants, for the eager to share my strong passion...

In hope to inspire, and to spread this immense interest and awareness for the marine life even further...

I´m now very happy to announce that I´m one of PADI´s AmbassaDivers!

PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors®  is the world's largest recreational diving membership and diver training organization founded in 1966:

This new PADI AmbassaDiver concept is a great move to spread the curiosity and respect for our unique world hiding beneath the surface to an even wider audience.

Diving is a life-changing experience which I yearn to share with others. This through both film and photography, as well as being a keen Divemaster and guide, who enthusiastically love to inspire more to get underwater with curious eyes and happy smiles on their faces :-)

Get to know me a bit more by reading this first little introduction of myself as cheerful PADI AmbassaDiver:

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