Late Summer at the Swedish West Coast


Orust - Gåsö, Swedish West Coast, August 2016

Below some random pictures from our recent week onboard "Eja", while sailing, filming and diving in the area between Orust and Gåsö at the west coast of Sweden, where we at the moment are preparing and planning for our voyage to Northern Norway. A film expedition in co-operation with Swedish National Television (SVT) :-)

Nature, so wonderful in all its shapes and colours above- and underneath surface...

In addition to the filming and diving, we have been testing the gear before it´s time to set sail and head north. This also includes testing our homemade "subwing á la Cri-Cri"!

Will it really make us fly underwater??

The below "before- and after pics" gives the answer... Yes!! Our new wings work and spread even bigger smiles onboard! ;-)

Only a couple of weeks more, and we will be on our way north towards Norway. More from this in the next blogpost! Stay tuned... :-)

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