Winter meets Spring in Sweden


Orust, West Coast of Sweden, 2 April 2018

In the same time as the sun of spring is getting stronger and days are getting much longer, the winter beauty still remains.

I´m at the Swedish west coast, having a little break between travels, a break spent on editing and to get necessary office work done. Even though I´m an outdoor person who prefers to be active most of the time, I still can enjoy spending some early mornings in front of a desk, from where I appreciate the great silence, while seeing the dayrise colours increase, in the time I get things done to soon be free again.

A "check" on the day´s office work goal gives me the afternoon free to appreciate the ever changing beauty nature is surrounding with me. Every day´s beauty deserves to be appreciated, even if brief!

Lucky me even get to do some paddle boarding on the frozen fjord!

Thanks to a couple of workboats, a channel has been maintained in the otherwise frozen bay. After some windy days, when most of the ice floe had been drifting away, I so get the opportunity to finally get back on the board, paddling the somewhat ice free channel to open water.

Drysuit on and on the water I am! Premiere for 2018 of an activity I have missed so much the past 6 months :-)

A cozy Easter is spent with the family, before I make another jump.

The frozen beauty is most likely the last I see for the next few months ahead. Travels and new projects are rising above the horizon. Also our new film is ready for screening. More about this in upcoming posts!

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