Flores in the Azores


Flores Island, Azores, April/May 2019

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Azorean archipelago is composed of nine volcanic islands of which Flores, along with the island of Corvo, belongs to the western group of islands.

This is my first visit to this green, weather-beaten little island and I have yet again found another paradise to add to my absolute favourites.

What a truly amazing place to be!

The island of Flores belongs to Portugal and Europe, but is situated on the North American Continental Plate of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

During our recent weeks, we have spent our time at the west coast of Flores, exploring the area of the small village Faja Grande, which is referred as the westernmost settlement in Europe.

Thanks to our longer stay in this peaceful and quiet spot, we get to experience the great weather variation this very exposed place offers.

Wind, waves, rain, mist, sun and blue skies. This certainly is an island ruled by the great power of mother nature and that's the way I love it!

The pics in this blogpost are all taken from our hikes in the close surrounding of Faja Grande. No matter which direction you walk, there is always plenty to explore and get amazed about.

So silent, peaceful and filled with wonderful, natural beauty. I'm falling in love with this wondrous place... a definite spot to return to! 💚

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