Winter Whale Season 2019


Tromsø, Northern Norway, beginning of December 2019

5 weeks of winter whale guiding for Waterproof Expeditions have found an end. My biggest thank you to my co-guides and crew onboard  M/S Malmö and M/S Freya for great cooperation and awesome teamwork. My never-ending smiles are because of you guys!

Thanks so much also to our wonderful guests, it truly has been a pleasure to meet you all, and I hope for more adventures together somewhere on this amazing blue planet! 🌍 🐳 💦

Not the least, my gratefulness goes to the Orcas and Humpback whales for showing up in the fjords of Northern Norway again this season! Such wonderful 5 trips with daily cetacean sightings we have had.

Below 5 min with impressions recorded by the team members who joined us onboard M/S Malmö on our 3rd winter whale trip of the season. Thanks so much Sebastian for your superb editing!

Time to leave the beautiful winter fjords of Northern Norway for more distant southbound travels. I am happy for the long nights now prevailing above the Arctic Circle as this provides several weeks of pure peace and quiet for the amazing wildlife roaming this place. 🐳 💙 🐬

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