Dancing On Water - Powered By Wind

Noumea, New Caledonia, End of January 2020

Our time in New Caledonia has this time mainly been spent on investigating the potential of developing new projects and expeditions in the area. First later in the game, we get to unpack boards and kites in hope to finally enjoy the constant south-east wind for a bit.

Equipped with bikes and Christian´s homemade board bracket we so bike our way to the kite spot.

I realise that it again is over a year ago since last time I went kitesurfing. However, back on the water it almost feels like it would have been yesterday and the warm, steady trade wind provides a friendly `welcome back to the activity´ ambience.

It certainly feels wonderful to be dancing with water and wind again!

While kitesurfing we often see plenty marine life among the waves. Turtles and flying fish are what we have seen in bigger numbers the recent days, but also sea snakes and dolphins.

Powered by wind, I keep feeling a constant curiosity of what there is beneath the board. Mask and snorkel is the only thing needed to find the answer, which often is both wild and beautiful.

Life has its many surprises rolling in one after the other like a little train filled with wondrous events. This makes for a sudden changeover to continue the southern hemisphere's summer at "slightly" colder latitudes. The hunt for the perfect coconut to be continued... 😉 

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