Rio de la Plata, Uruguay

Rio de la Plata, Montevideo, Uruguay, Beginning of April 2020

A small update from the expedition-cruise vessel, Greg Mortimer, which has been my temporary  home during this season's Antarctic trips which I joined on the 4th of February.

As mentioned in my previous blogpost, we had to cut short on our last Antarctic voyage due to the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore sailed north to Montevideo, in Uruguay, in hope to get all passengers and staff back home before South America closes their borders.

We arrived Rio de la Plata, which is the widest river in the world with its maximum width of 220 kilometers, on the 27th of March and have since then been at anchor 10 nautical miles off Montevideo.

Due to a medical evacuation, we got to know that we have covid-19 onboard, which made a normal disembarkation not possible. 

Thanks to the Government of Uruguay, we all got covid-tested onboard. Of total 217 persons, we got 128 positive and 89 negative test results. 6 medical evacuations have been made, but the rest of us are doing good despite the circumstances.

Meanwhile we do our best to keep the spirits up onboard, Aurora Expeditions, together with the Government of Uruguay and international embassies, is working hard to get us all safely back home. 

Thanks so much to everybody involved!

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