From Vivid Blue To Luscious Green

Prony Bay, New Caledonia, South Pacific, July 2021

New Caledonia is normally a windy place with trade winds, depressions and seasonal cyclones. 

Now, during the southern hemisphere’s winter, the cyclone season is over, but smaller depressions with plenty wind are still many.

When the week long gales are lining up one after the other, making the lagoon life rather cold and choppy, it is nice to exchange the reef- and island life to instead explore the greener and more protected bays.

We are at the south point of New Caledonia, finding shelter in an area called Prony. The green, flourishing vegetation and red earth is a big contrast to the blue colours of the lagoon.

Not only does it feel good to stretch the legs a bit when exploring this new area by fot, but very interesting to have a closer look on the various vegetation life growing in the humid forest and dryer hills.

Like so often when exploring the natural beauty of New Caledonia, it feels like as we have stepped back into a prehistoric place.

From vivid blue and luscious green to soothing grey, the infinite beauty surrounds us everywhere. Always.

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