The Amazing Cephalopods


They can change their colours and patterns in milliseconds, have three hearts and their blod turns blue when exposed to air. No wonders these intelligent and highly mobile creatures  have long haunted the human imagination, inspiring mythology dating back to ancient Greek culture!

We find them world over and they keep continue to captivate the human mind and imagination, they are the Cephalopods.


The Greek word “cephalopod” translates to “head-foot” and is any member of the molluscan class Cephalopoda, including (see pics below) squid (pic 1), cuttlefish (pic 2), octopus (pic 3) and nautilus.


It is always a highlight when encountering a Cephalopod during a dive. The following video is from one of our dives in Gullmarsfjorden, at the west coast of Sweden, where late summer´s nights offer the possibility to encounter the cute Common bobtail, an approx 3cm small cuttlefish.

Videos below by my father Armin Mueck 🦑🦑🦑

In most places we go, we normally find octopuses, each with their own personality. Some are more shy while others are very curious and courageous. Next video is from one of our shore dives in the Azores.

Here in New Caledonia, where I currently am, we often see squids and sometimes cuttlefishes at the reef. This is also a place where one might be fortunate to encounter nautiluses while diving. Who knows, maybe I will be lucky to meet one of those living fossils. Time will tell! :-)

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