Azores - Portimao


Portimao, Portugal, 4/8-2011

W008° 31.672´

Sailing distance made: 3372 nautical miles

The 27th of July we leave the harbour of Ponta Delgada. After three lovely weeks in the Azores it is now time to continue our voyage east.

We are heading for the mainland of Portugal and thereafter the aim is to continue our diving expedition through the Mediterranean. But first we have about 800 nautical miles of Atlantic sailing ahead before we can start making our diving gear ready for new dives.

With good wind in our sails and a nice speed through the water there are always smiling faces on board. What a wonderful way to travel! :)

During our Atlantic sailing we get lots of nice dolphin experiences. Also the dolphins look like they are enjoying the great speed of the boat and it is truly amazing to watch these acrobatic mammals playing and surfing with the waves.

While spending my time in a small sailing boat far out at the great ocean I always get even more fascinated by the sea and its many different shapes. When the weather is good and the sea is calm I really love to get into the water again. The clear blue Atlantic water gives me the feeling of true happiness and sometimes I wish I could spend a never ending time in this magnificent paradise.

During the evenings the sky is changing in many different colours and makes the sailing even more beautiful and enjoyable.

Wednesday the 3rd of August we arrive Portimao at the south coast of Portugal. One week has past since we left the green islands of the Azores and our trip has once again been unforgettable.

Now, at the coast of Algarve, there are not many nautical miles left before we will enter the Mediterranean and start getting under the surface again. This inspiring life gives me lots of new thoughts and ideas and I truly look forward to continue my adventure! :)

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
~ André Gide


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