Gibraltar, 11/8-2011


Sailing distance made: 3568 nautical miles

After a short stay in Portimao, at the south coast of Portugal, we continue our trip east towards Spain and Gibraltar.

With Spain on our portside we see the coast of Marocco getting closer and closer on starboard.

With a good check at the tide tables we know the currents are with us and soon we start to see the famous rock of Gibraltar...

Gibraltar is well known for the wild apes living on ”The Rock”. Up here there is a stunning view over the coast and all the time here you have the entertaining apes around you. But be aware of always holding your belongings with a strong hand...

The last days have been very windy with heavy sea, which have made our stay in Gibraltar a little longer. Know we are all longing to come out at sea to contiune our field work and sailing voyage. The weather forcast looks good for the coming days and I am happy to soon get out search for pelagic species again!


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