Aigina - Syros


Ermoúpolis, Syros, Greece 26/10-2011


Sailing distance made: 5666 nautical miles

After many nice days, and lots of close encounters with friendly octopuses, we leave the cozy harbour of Aigina island.

During the next days we spend the nights at anchor in small bays...

The many islands of Greece are not only offering safe and cozy bays, but also lots of historical monuments and breathtaking sunsets...

The many nice evening colours are offering lots of good opportunities to play with the camera and create new pictures... :)

Many days at sea with the result of many new islands to discover...

Now we are in Ermoúpolis, on the island of Syros and here we will spend some more days...

Nearby the island of Syros, there is an island, wich is offering really exiting surroundings both over as well as under the surface. A good reason to spend some more time here... :)


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