Mom - Monachus monachus

Ermoúpolis, Syros, Greece 6/11-2011


Sailing distance made: 5719 nautical miles

Now, we have spent some time in Ermoúpolis at the island of Syros in the Cyclades. Strong winds and heavy seas give the result of many bumpy nights even in the harbour...

During some days with calmer sea and decreasing wind we spend the time out at sea.

On our way, old ruins and empty buildings remind of the surroundings earlier days. We even pass by an old prison and where ever we look we see lots of warning signs with the text: ”WARNING! SUSPECTED AREA”.

The quite scary signs refer to all the hidden mines, which are suspected to be still left in this area, quite a good reason not go for long walks here I would say!

Now I think there are some who wonder why we are passing by this kind of places during our sailing trip...

... the answer is that we want to meet the Mom organisation and to follow their important work for the nearly extincted Mediteranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus).

Mom is working hard for saving and protect the small population of Monk Seals still living in the Mediterranean.

With our yacht we are able to follow the boat used by Mom during their field work...

The monk seal is one of the biggest seal species in the world and they normally hide in caves, which partly is filled with water.

By using infra red cameras, placed inside the caves, Mom gets important data for their research and work.

However, in some places, the seals can also been sighted at small stoney beaches, which even give us the opportunity to observe them from distance.

More information about Mom and their great and very important work you find at their website:

It is not only on land we get reminded about the old history around us. Beneath the surface there are also lots to get inspired of...

Until just some few years ago, it has been forbidden to scuba dive in Greek waters. ..

... today it is not prohibited any longer, and the thought of that the waters around me might be quite unexplored makes the diving here even more exiting! :)


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