Hurghada - Hyndeman Reef


Hyndeman Reef, Safaga, Egypt, 10/1-2012


Sailing distance made: 6737 nautical miles

We have been in Egypt for one month now and I think I slowly but surely will become to a real mermaid soon... ;)

Why spend time on dry land when there are so much to experience under water!

Our first weeks in the Red sea, we spent at the coral reefs east of Hurghada.

After a great Christmas, as well as New Year, filled with diving and snorceling, we head further south to continue our diving and filming in new under water areas...

Here, we spend both day and night out at sea. Before sunrise we are already in the water, searching for new "movie stars" ...

When the morning sun is touching the horizon it does not take a long time before the light even reach the under water world...

We continue our days diving and filming at the coral reefs...

Lovely days filled with so many nice experiences, especially under water, but even great and colourful sceneries above...

Now, we are at Hyndeman Reef, east of Safaga, where we have made nice divings both at the coral gardens, as well as some drop off diving.

Tonight, it is time for us to set sail again and head for new dive spots :)

I also want to say THANK YOU for all the great respons we have got for our films when they were broadcasted at the Swedish National Television!!

Until begining of February you can even find the films at SVT PLAY (se links below):

Corals of the North Atlantic:

Sharks of the North Atlantic


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