Snorkeling with Sea Turtles...

Marsa Mubarak, Egypt, 15/1-2012


Sailing distance made: 6819 nautical miles

Happy greetings from a small bay south of Port Ghalib... Here we are spending most of our time under water... :)

... and of course, together with our new friends, the sea turtles!!! :)

With fins, mask, snorkel and camera in my hand, I am ready and happy to spend my day snorkeling with the turtles...

... and the friendly turtles are happy to spend their time eating seagrass at the bottom...

There are many turtles in the bay and with our cameras on record mode, we get lots of new film sequences and photos...

Many hours in the water and I can not get enough. I feel so free and happy in the blue water and when I look at the sea turtles it seem like they do feel the same... :)


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