Pelagic Encounters in the Mediterranean

 Estartit, Spain 19/7-2013


While travelling from one dive destination to another, we are spending plenty of time out at sea where our aim also is to find pelagic life.

In good weather conditions, pelagic waters truly is my favourite place to be. With no land in sight, we are surrounded by the never ending horizon and beneath us, there is many kilometers of deep clear water.

Such a lovely feeling to freely swim in this blue pelagic surrounding. Who knows, maybe there is something exiting watching us from below... ;)

How much life we see while being out at sea depends a lot. But as we plan our sailing routes also according to the depth curves, we increase our chances to find what we want.

Dolphins love to spend some time playing in the speed of the our boat and this energic company is always a very happy sight for all of us. As much energy the dolphins seems to have, as much energy they gives to the entire crew in the boat.

We have also got much bigger encounters during our last weeks out at sea... Fin whales!!!

With a length of up to 25 meters or sometimes even a bit more, the fiin whales are the next biggest animal in the world, only the blue whale can get bigger. The fin whale is a baleen whale and feed on zoo-plancton, crill and small fishes.

Our new big friend is getting even closer and it does not take long before it is side by side with our boat.

Time to get the camera underwater!! The whale seems to be relaxed in our company and makes just some few movements at the surface. Though, a single small movement from this huge animal is enough for a free diver not being able to catch up.

Is this whale going to be cooperative enough to get it on film even beneath surface?

Through the infinite blue water, I suddenly see something unbelievable huge coming towards me...

Wow, truly it is the fin whale!! Happily enough, it seems like the fin whale was a bit too curious not to give me at least some attention...

Last time I met a fin whale underwater was in the Azores eight years ago, and I now feel like being in the heaven of happiness. Time and state really stands still when I am eye to eye together with this amazing creature.

During our last sailing from France to Spain, we saw not less then 15 fin whales in one afternoon/evening!

Some of the whales seemed to be on travelling foot, while others were coming closer to us and the boat...

Such a beautiful scenery to spend the last daylight minutes together with one of the more curious fin whales. A more beautiful evening is hard to imagine! :)

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