Port-Cros National Park


Port-Cros, France 10/7-2013

N 43°00.868´

East of Toulon in France there is a small island called Port-Cros. This green island became National Parc already in 1963. With other words, this area has now been protected for 50 years.

On dry land the island gives a bit of ”jungle-feeling” with its wild and green surrounding.

But how does it look like beneath surface? We have heard many good words about this place, though the best thing is to experience it yourself and to see it with your own eyes... :)

In the water we soon realise that this is a place were we want to spend more time...

Not only beautiful sea-fans and anemones are welcoming us at the depth, there are also lots of fish around. Small fishes as well as big ones.

It is really not often that we see so much and big fish at one place... 50 years of protection gives result!

We are very happy after such great dives and giving stay in the waters of France. Now, it is getting time for us to head towards the coast of Spain. Let see what we will find there!

.... :) ....

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