"La Brousse" -pics ;-)


 Pouembout, New Caledonia, South Pacific 6/1-2014


Time to share some pics from my New Caledonian neighbourhood.

For each day passing by I often find myself in great admiration of all the beauty surrounded. I see so much charm in differnet forms where ever I look. With this growing amazement for the place, I thought I better share the beauty... :-)

The vast spaces, mountains and fields are often called "La Brousse" (the bush) and here in the northern part of the island those places are plenty.

Hot and sunny days are perfect for taking a bath even for a horse, while the cows mostly seem to be interested in just watching the activity...

The bushes and trees do not only offer shade... With colourful flowers and elegant leaves they decorate the scenery in the most delightful way.

The result after someone celebrating the New Year. Fireworks and a dry forested area is not a good combination...

From being a green forest, Pindai Nature Reserve sudden change into the opposite...

Lately, I have been spending lots of time paddling SUP in the mangrove. It is my first time using a SUP and it seems like I got addicted to it directly!! ;-)

There is so my much life hidden in the mangrove. Everywhere I hear something swimming, splashing, jumping, crawling and/or flying... Crabs, fishes, sharks, rays, birds...

Back on dry land the lagoon always look so inviting! Sure I like walking and to explore new places on dry land... However, it will not take long until I am longing back to the ocean again...

Wohooo, finally!! Blue, blue sky and sea!!! :-)

The beaches of Pindai and Poe. Great places for both sunseekers and water sport enthusiasts. Kind of crowded during weekends, but almost no one during the rest of the week...

Further out at the coral reef the visibilty is much better and the sea is no longer only inviting from distance...

While being out there you really do not want to leave... ;-)

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