Life beneath the kite surfers' paradise


Pouembout, New Caledonia, South Pacific 28/1-2014


Poé beach, on the west coast of New Caledonia, is a paradise for many, and has particularly become a popular spot for kite surfers.

The long coral reef just off the coast gives the lagoon great protection even in strong winds, which contributes to the perfect conditions for many wind surfing sports.

This place was indeed one of the two places where I started to learn the basics of kite surfing.

While spending my time with the kite and board in this clear, turquoise-blue water, my curiosity starts to grow within me...

... how does it look beneath the surface in this kite surfers´ paradise??

Hereby, the result of my curiosity...

As the lagoon is shallow, only mask, snorkel and fins are needed to start explore the marine life living here.

The coral reef is located further out from the beach and a good distance of swimming is needed to reach the first corals...

So much life in all kind of sizes, colours and shapes...

Each time I am going into the water to snorkel out to the reef, I meet the reef sharks...

Usually, it is the whitetip reef shark I see where it rests beneath the coral formations.

I also get a new companion in the lagoon, a zebra shark! :-)

The zebra shark is often also called leopard shark and is a species that attains a length of 2,5 meters.

This shark species are night active and spend most of the day resting motionless on the sea floor. During night time, they actively hunt for molluscs, crustaceans and smaller fish.

What a wonderful sight to see this beautiful shark!! :-)

It is incredible how much beauty there is hidden barely two meters beneath the waves...

I know I have said it before, but no matter how much time I may spend underwater, I really do not get enough of this amazing world!

Poé beach turns out to be not only a paradise for kite surfers and wind surfing enthusiasts...

... there is a paradise hidden just beneath the surfboard as well
... ;-)

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