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Sogndal, Norway 24/3-2014


Suddenly, I find myself among ice and snow...

Brrr!!! In the beginning it really feels cold ... or rather, it hurts to dive into the water which is only 1 °C at the surface... considerably colder then my recent time in the South Pacific... ;-)

So, where am I now?

Yeah right, I´m back in wonderful Norway!!

As said, Norway in March means cold water... So far, we have had temperatures down to 1 ° C just beneath surface and around 4-5 °C in deeper water...
This might sound very cold but with good equipment you stay dry and comfortable during the entire dive. One hour dive in these circumstances requires good clothing though! :-)

Northern Scandinavia does not only mean cold dives... ;-)

What do you do when you haven´t seen snow for many months? Exactly, you make new friends... or even better, you make new cool dive buddies!!

Indeed, it is important to keep the playful spirit in a good mood :-)

We are currently staying close to Sogndal, in the inner part of Sognefjord.

Sognefjord is Norway´s longest and deepest fjord. This fjord is over 200 kilometers long and reaches a depth of more than 1300 meters, which not only makes it the second longest, but also one of the deepest fjords in the world.

It is more than six years ago since we were here last time, and I feel very happy to once more get the opportunity to come back to this beautiful place.

What awaits us in the water this time?

Night dives are exiting and here in Sognefjord we do many of them.

When diving among bioluminescent plankton it feels like floating in space totally surrounded by shining stars and fluorescent aliens... :-)

But why do we dive at night?

It is during the dark night hours the deep sea animals are coming to shallower waters. With other words, night dives increase our chances to even get these exciting creatures on film...


More dark dives are awaiting us now. What we will face next is yet unsaid, but not knowing what we will meet makes our dives even more exciting!

More from me and our time in the Norwegian fjords in the next blogpost soon...

.... :) ....

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