Ilot Tiam Bouene


Tiam Bouene, New Caledonia, South Pacific 12/2-19/2-2014


Yiipiieee!! I am totallt filled with the immense feeling of happiness when we finally are packed and ready for new adventures at sea.

The boat is a "little" overloaded with all the gear we have with us; camera equipment for both land and underwater use, including aerial photography, kite, kite boards, surf kayak, food, water and of course fuel for the boat...

We take advantage of the quiet morning hours to get us to our destination before the wind and waves begin to pick up.

Back at Tiam Bouene island, the island with the magic beach which gets visible at low tide.  

Wonderful to be back to this beautiful place!

There's no place like home!? Yepp, I surely agree...

With hammock, tents and the tarp finally in place we are at home again! And it feels so goooood... :)

While having calm weather Christian takes the opportunity to get some aerial footage...

Wow, what a great view we get from above!

Somehow, both the island and the beach become even more magic from the point of view of the birds...

After a few days of calm weather, the wind starts to increase again and it is getting time to send something else in the air...

Time for kitesurfing! :) !!

Nice conditions in a wonderful enviroment. The time spent on the board makes a little Birgitta into a very smiling creature... ;)

During our week on Tiam Bouene, we also make smaller boat trips to discover more from the area around us. Our daily adventures results in new encounters, both over water and under the surface.

In order not to make this post too long, I will get back to my feathered friends in another blog post soon...

No sunset is ever the same and every evening offers its own unique scenario. The last sun rays gives the small deserted island a wonderful, warm and golden touch.

A week on Tiam Bouene island passes way too quickly, but as we want to explore new places and more islands, we continue the tour further south to our new destination.

In the next blog post there will be pics from a more wavy side of life... ;)

New post coming soon! :)

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