Remote diving at pelagic shallows

Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal 20/7-2014

Pelagic shallows, blue water, diving, free diving, film, photo and fishy friends in different shapes and colours...

As our sailboat is equipped with everything we need including diving gear, compressor etc. we are able to stay out in field for longer periods. And so we do when the weather cooperates.

Below you find some pics from our recent stay at Formigas, a shallow that consists of nothing else but some bare rocks and a lighthouse, surrounded by Atlantic waves and the underwater world :-)

During the last weeks I´ve had limited time on my computer and mostly been out of reach for modern communication.

Back to civilisation I see that my inbox is growing with an increasing speed and I´m very happy about all the feedback I get. But I also feel sorry for the inconvenience my late answers might cause...

As there are more weeks to be spent out at sea, my answers to many of you probably will need to wait a little bit more... Sorry about that!

Now we have a few days more in civilisation to prepare the boat and other things that are needed to be done. Thereafter the deep blue sea and more sailing are calling for us again!

I´ll try to put some more pics and some more written lines on the blog before the Ocean gets its grab on me. Let see if I succeed doing so... ;-)

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