Diving in Hydrothermal Vents


Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal 4/7-2014

A small blogpost with some photos from our recent dives at Sao Miguel's south side where we have been diving in hydrothermal vents - volcanic gases emerging from deep under the earth.

Our new dive spot is situated close to the small village Ribeira Quente. Here we don´t need to make deep dives. At a depth of only 6-7 meters we find ourselves totaly surrounded by the impressive active volcanic scenario. There are gas bubbles a little everywhere! :-)

The gas bubbles feel warm when touching them and I start to enjoy my new activity when feeling a bit frozen in the end of the dive... ;-) ... but I better be a bit more careful as I soon get to experience that it really hurts to get burned by this bubbling beauty...

Auuch!! ;-o

More dives are waiting ahead and I´m now looking forward to get back to Formigas, a pelagic shallow about 50 nautical miles south from Sao Miguel.  More pics from Azorean waters in the next blogpost... :-)

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