Madagascar Nov-Jan 2014/15

Lavanono, Madagascar 17/11-14 - 12/1-15

Time flies they say, and surely it does! After almost 2 months spent in Madagascar, it is suddenly time to head back to northern latitudes again. But before doing so, a blogpost as promised ;-)

As there has been lack of good internet possibilities (and little time spent on the computer), it has been a while since last time I updated my blog...

However, here it comes, a small resume of our time spent in Lavanono.

Lavanono Bay is situated in the very southern part of Madagascar. A wild and remote place, approx 7 hours 4x4-ride from Fort Dauphin.

The closest to civilization in the distant surrounding is Lavanono´s small fishing village, which consists of a few small and simple wooden houses, a church and a bigger amount colourful, local fishing boats.

Every morning, just before sunrise, the local fishermen start their long day out at sea. The sight is very pretty, when the small and narrow pirogues set sail towards the faraway horizon.

Early mornings are not only an entertaining sight pirogue-wise... 

If conditions allow, this is also the best time to see Christian surf his favourite wave :-)

The wind normally picks up in the afternoon, and so it´s time to bring the kitesurf gear to the beach and get ready for a speedy, fun session!

A GoPro is useful in many ways; over water, underwater and up in the air! Here attached to the kite lines.

No wind nor waves?? No problem! :-) It is not only underwater the quiet Ocean offers a perfect setup for silent being time...

In the evening, the small fishing village starts to get filled up with boats again. But still there are many pirogues missing...

The lower the sun travels, the warmer and more colourful the entire surrounding gets. One of the day´s many beautiful moments.

While enjoying the sunset, we finally see the last pirogues appear at the horizon. Surely it has been a long day for the fishermen!

The wind offers a nice sailing speed, while days with no wind forces the fishermen to a tough, long lasting paddle exercise...

I guess I know who is happy for tonight´s smooth wind and quiet sea conditions!

This was a small summary of life in Lavanono. As said before, time flies, and so it´s getting time to change enviroment again.

30°C water will be replaced to sea conditions closer to freezing point. 2015 started in the middle of a big adventure and will soon continue in another breathtaking one. Time for...

... bikini off and drysuit on!!! :-)

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