The last vast wilderness on earth


Orust, Sweden 15/2-2015

My packing is getting prepared. Drysuit and warm undergarment is already packed and ready to start a long travel to faraway destination.

But where am I going?

It is the largest wilderness area on earth. Remote, inhospitable, unpredictable and potentially dangerous. A mysterious place which remains unaffected by large scale human activities.

With its pristine environment, it is home to unique and vulnerable wildlife. The vegetation is scarce and only two blooming plants are found in this outlying land...

On average, this is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, a continent totally encircled by pack ice. A vast white wilderness, fascinating explorers, adventurers and nature lovers for decades.

Yes, you´ve guessed right... ;-)

It´s time to head for Antarctica with Waterproof Expeditions!

Are you interested in joining to Antarctica next season?

For more info. about Waterproof Expeditions and their grand selection of voyages, please visit:

Below a 3 min interview about WPX and footage/pics from some of their many fascinating expeditions.

More from me when back to civilisation again ..... :-) .....

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