Atlantic Waves


Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain 21/4-2017

From the amazing fjords and gorgeous snowy mountain peaks in Norway, I suddenly find myself surrounded by soft sun-heated sand and an infinite blue Atlantic horizon.

Just a few flight hours from my last Scandinavian destination, I'm now on Fuerteventura, the second largest island of the Canary Islands, where we hope to get some wind in the kite-sails :-)

Based in Corralejo, on the nort-east side, we are close to one of the more popular kite spots on the island.

The clear, blue water is so inviting, and the 18 °C salty surrounding feels refreshing for both body and mind!

More and more kitesurfers arrives as the day goes on and the wind picks up, and it doesn´t take long before both beach and water gets crowded with sails in different colours and sizes.

We decide to look what more places there are to enjoy nature´s power. What side of the island we go to explore further kite-places is mostly depending on the wind, and we hope to find a place where it is not so crowded...

We end up in El Cotillo, a village on the north-west shore.

A big Atlantic swell has just been reaching the island, making it an adrenaline filled play-ground for surfers alike. Such a pretty sight it is, and what an incredible feeling it must be to surf those powerful waves!

The beach just south of El Cotillo is our next spot for more kitesurf. The entire west coast is exposed to the great power of the Atlantic which often shows on the great swell that rules the beach.

With one year between now and my last kitesurf sessions in St. Lucia in the Caribbean, it now feels a bit nervous to face the white beach breaks with kite and board ready in my hands. However, the swell has decreased enough also for me to safely be able to enter the water...

So much I love the Ocean but with great respect! Finally, all surrounded by the white water, I get up on the board and head out through the second set of breaking waves to soon thereafter find myself on the much calmer body of water further out from shore.

I´m kiting the blue Atlantic!

When there is too little wind to be kitesurfing, we explore more of the variating coast line...

... as well as the much drier and more mountainous parts of the island.

In the end of the day, however, we always find ourselves close to the salty blue again. At dayset, we have the entire vast sand dunes and beach more or less all for ourselves.

What is more soothing than being close to (or in) the sea while observing nature´s endless variations of beauty?

Now, the Ocean is calling for me again!

But this time, I won´t bring neither snorkel or scuba gear, nor kite. There is something I have been wanting to try for a long time, but yet haven´t done...

If there is something one want to try or do, we shouldn´t wait too long. One day it will be too late.

So here we go, I´m off on my new little life adventure! :-)

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