Exploring Scoresbysund, East Greenland


Scoresbysund, East Coast of Greenland 12/9-3/10-2017

A loud crack suddenly breaks through the great silence. It is the powerful sound of an iceberg that just started calving.

Here, at the remote east-coast of Greenland, we explore some of the most picturesque fjords and make landings in the area of Scoresbysund which is one of the largest and longest fjord systems in the world.

Together with co-guide and expedition leader Eirik Grønningsæther,
I am here guiding for Joshua Holko and Daniel Bergmann.

Our home for the photo expedition is the beautiful three masted schooner Rembrandt Von Rijn.

This 147ft steel boat was built in 1924 as a fishing lugger and has also had a career as a coastal trading vessel. Today, she is used for cruises in the Arctic and is a very comfortable ship to live on.

The magnificent scenery surrounding us, while cruising our way through the fascinating fjords, varies a lot throughout the days.

Light and weather conditions are ever changing, and so is the big variety of icebergs. With their many different patterns, forms and sizes, each of them has its own unique look.

On lookout for possible polar bear or musk ox encounters, I observe a small musk ox family through the binoculars. A wonderful sight it is to see these massive animals peacefully eating on the colourful tundra.

In charge of the safety of the photographer group, we survey the area while the photographers fully can concentrate on their work.

The stunning landscape I am fortunate to experience is much more colourful than I ever expected.

This soon to be changed when the snowy days arrive, silently turning both mountains and tundra into a majestic white fairy tale set up.

Remote wilderness with exciting fjord systems, breathtaking mountain formations and fascinating geology. A place with pure wild nature where the silence is as enormous as the magnificent landscape.

No wonders the vast east coast of Greenland is such a highly appreciated place among nature lovers and remoteness seekers.

Myself being one of them :-)

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