Greenland -> Caribbean -> Norway


Greenland & Caribbean to Norway, Oct-Nov 2017

Air, water, land and life... The more I see of her, the more she keeps amaze me. Earth is truly one special and remarkable planet!

I love contrasts, specially when experienced in my favourite surrounding, out in nature. During my last couple of months, the contrasts have been huge and many in various ways...

The rich autumn colours drastically change into white winter. Sunny, clear days and aurora filled nights, turn into days of thick, damp fog.

From the incredible, vast and remote east-coast of Greenland...

... to a completely different ambience among the great abundance of green, flourishing islands in the Caribbean.

From a huge Arctic island to a small tropical one. Total contrasts, yet two unique paradises on the same planet!

Here, in the Caribbean, the wonderful island Grenada has been my home the recent weeks.

Windy and choppy seas alternate with much calmer conditions. The intense, tropical rain rules until the sun and warmth take over. This to soon be changed all over again ;-)

The many small fishes I encounter in the 28°C warm water, remind me that it won´t be as long stay among these tropical islands this time.

This as further contrasts call...

In hope that the herring (followed by the whales) will enter the majestic fjords of Northern Norway soon, I´m so heading back towards colder latitudes again to start another season with the winter whales.

Lead by their food source, the migration and appearance of the winter whales is dependent on the silver of the sea; the herring. Will this spectacular whale migration appear in the fjords also this year?
In nature there are no guarantees. But the best way to find out, and experience the scenario is to be out there and live the adventure.

With that I say bye to the Caribbean Sea. Time to say hello to the beautiful Norwegian coast, where M/S Malmö will be my floating home while guiding 4 weeks ahead for Waterproof Expeditions!

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