Quarantine In Paradise

Noumea, New Caledonia, South Pacific, Early September 2020

Until here, no further. So near, yet so far...

A journey, not without complications. But finally, I´m back in New Caledonia, where 14 days of quarantine has started. How sweet the salty Coral Sea will feel when these 2 confined weeks are completed! 

During the strict quarantine, I'm not allowed to leave the hotel room. Food is delivered to the door by friendly personnel three times a day. 

I feel very lucky to have got a room with such an awesome ocean view. The ever changing scenery brings peace to both mind and soul.

Guarded walks are arranged every day, when the confined people are let out in smaller groups to spend one hour in the hotel garden.

The area we are allowed to stay within is marked by fences and plastic bands. Beach and pool are close, but out of reach. Still so good it is to feel sun and wind and to explore the green side of the garden a bit!

So much flourishing beauty there is to explore in further details. There is plenty to do and admire when looking at things with a curious eye.

Two weeks might sound long to spend alone in an isolated hotel room. But the fact is that I find that time is flying by super quick with the many small activities I keep myself busy with... ;-)

For sure that nearby, refreshing, salty ocean water will feel oh so soothing when getting back to be a free being again!

And not the least, how sweet it will be to finally be able to see my partner again, after 7 months apart, and together continue on the exciting life project we started before the pandemic went viral... 

More on that soon! 
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