Boatlife Between Cyclones

Noumea, New Caledonia, Southern Pacific, February 2021

When cyclone "Lucas" has passed, we soon leave the green mangrove which have been providing us with good shelter during the depression when the wind gusts peaked up to 79 knots. 

Heavy rain falls are now exchanged with smiling sun and blue skies.

After 5 days spent in the sheltered mangrove, the blue lagoon welcomes us back with glassy conditions. The many floods caused by the recent heavy rain have made the visibility in the lagoon very murky and dark, but out at the reef the underwater world is still clear and blue.

Blue eyed squids and sleepy white tip reef sharks keep us company during our refreshing exploration free dives.

Back at the boat yard, its time for some improvement work on the boat. A new dingy- and solar panel support is made and put in place!

One month has passed since cyclone “Lucas” and it is already time to head back to the mangrove as there is another cyclone on its way!

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