Cyclone "Niran"

Port Laguerre, New Caledonia, South Pacific, March 2021

We are back hiding in the mangrove forest as cyclone "Niran" is forecasted to approach the territory...


The mangrove is not only a good place to find shelter when needed during cyclone season, but one of the world's most productive and biologically diverse ecosystems. A very fascinating place to be! 

As we have entered the mangrove river well ahead of the depression, we are at first all alone in the green, lively forest.

When cyclone “Niran” starts to speed up and move towards New Caledonia, it doesn’t take long before we have many other sailor as neighbours in the mangove. “Niran”is now ranked up to a category 5 severe tropical cyclone and is predicted to hit strong and straight on the territory. Better be prepared for the upcoming strong winds!

Niran gives us a quick and intense visit. Even in our sheltered spot we get up to 93 knots of wind in the gusts swinging both masts and boats. 

In difference with the previous cyclone, this one doesn’t provide as much rain, but more wind causing plenty of damages on the island. 

We feel very thankful for the precious shelter the mangrove offers, keeping both us and the boat safe and sound!

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