Desert, Ocean and Contrasts


Hurghada, Egypt, 29/2-2012


Sailing distance made: 7094 nautical miles

After many weeks and months out at sea it is finally time for us to get on dry land...

... and with dry land I truly mean dry land, with other worlds we are on our way hiking in the dry sandy desert.

Under water filmmakers out in the desert might sound a little inappropriate though... ;)

However, even if we are not in our normal surrounding, we have a great and rewarding time in the deserted neighbourhood.

The sun is warm and shiny and for every step we take the massive mountains is coming closer and the scenery is getting even more epic.

After a great and warm time in the desert it feels good to be back close to the salty waves again...

... and back in my right enviroment I hardly can wait to get into the water... :)

Even with heavy diving equipment, cameras and strobes I feel like flying during my time in the great blue surrounding.

I am amazed about the great contrasts between the dry, sunny desert above surface to the totaly different under water world hiding beneath the water line.

The impressive gorgonians covers the drop off and becomes a given object in front of the cameras.

Under the surface I never feel alone. Here is always someone watching me. Some of the sea creatures prefer to hide, while others are getting quite curious about their new company...

For every dive there are new experiences and encounters. It doesn´t matter if they are big or small, it is always interesting to study the different behaviours of the many species and individuals living in the same habitat.

It is not only the fishes that haves many different shapes and colours. Independent were I am looking always I see something to get amazed of.

But, as normal, the disadvantage to be under water is that the time is limited. When you truly enjoy your time beneath it feels like it is passing by really fast, too fast... ;)

Back at the surface again, the sun has already disappeared behind the mountains. The beautiful sunset colour makes the surrounding atmosphere real magic. Even life above the surface is a true and colorful scenery! :)

After our divings we have to wash our equipment and cameras. Batteries and lamps need to be recharged and thereafter we are ready to get into the water again... :)

"Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Under the sea"

... ;)


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