Snorkeling with playful dolphins!


Hurghada, Egypt, 3/3-2012


Sailing distance made: 7094 nautical miles

We have now spent three months in Egypt and it is getting time to sail north to the Mediterranean again.

At the moment we are in the marina of Hurghada, preparing boat and equipment for our coming trip...

After months with lovely diving, great fiendship and lots of fantastic experiences, it feels a bit melancholy to leave the Red sea...

... however, before setting sails I want to share some photos from our latest underwater experience; great snorkeling with playful dolphins! :)

After good diving at Carless Reef, outside Hurghada, we head north to Shaab el Erg, a reef also called "Dolphin House".

It is already afternoon when we arrive at the reef and we directly start to search for a mooring to spend the night on. In our search for the mooring lines we see a pod of dolphins coming closer at distance.

When we finally find the mooring lines the dolphins are just around our boat waiting for us to enter the water! ;)

We are all really exited to get into the water and when we finally are beneath the surface, the dolphins show to be really curious about both us and the camera equipment.

The dolphins are coming even closer and soon we are surrounded by the entire pod...

The big domeport on the camera housing seems to be extra interesting and exiting for the curious dolphins...

I feel so happy to be in the water and truly enjoy filming my new playful moviestars!

Once again, the Red sea gives me an unforgettable experience to immortalize!!! :)


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