Cyprus - Rhodos

Rhodos, Greece, 21/3-2012


Sailing distance made: 7990 nautical miles

Back in Greek waters! :)

After some days with really heavy winds, the weather is getting calmer and we can continue our sailing west...

We leave the nice and green island of Cyprus and start heading for Rhodos...

It is early morning and the air is still cold. Brrr, I feel I have got quite spoiled after many months in warmer areas... ;)

However, it does not take long time before the golden morning sun starts to smile to me and the day is getting warmer.

Even with cold morning hours, our sailing over to Rhodos becomes a real pleasure, with shining sun during day time and nights totally filled with stars.

Not only the morning sun is golden, even every single evening is offering a spectacular scenery when the sun disappears behind the horizon.

After sunset it does not take many hours before it is time for phosphoresence and playing dolphins. Funny enough, the dolphins seem to like to be in my company during the dark night hours...

Dolphins, phosphoresence and a never ending sky filled with stars... what more could you ask for??? ;)

After great days and wonderful nights out at the open sea, we finally arrive to Rhodos.

It is almost four months since we were here last time and it feels great to be back again...

A lovely time in Greek waters is waiting for us! :)


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