Port Said - Cyprus


Limassol, Cyprus, 15/3-2012


Sailing distance made: 7666 nautical miles

Back in the Mediterranean again! :)

The weather forecasts shows mainly galeforce and head wind... However, we get a small "window" with less wind in the right direction and so we start our trip north.

Well, to start with it is even less wind than expected...

After many days in the Suez Canal it is a great feeling to get out at sea again. The calm sea is the total contrast to the frantic city life of Port Said.

The sun is shining, the sea breeze smooth and warm and so we happily enjoy the relaxed atmosphere surrounding us.

The weather is getting colder rather quickly though...

... and what did I just feel? Rain!?

After four months without rain, I had almost forgotten there is something called precipitation... ;)

However, in one way we are happy to get some rainy weather. Our boat is quite sandy from our last months spent close to the dry desert and it is good for both mast, rig and sails to get some heavy showers.

The wind is increasing and so does our speed. The difference from our sailing north in the Red sea is, that we now have the wind with us.

It is a great feeling to surf on both waves and swell without having to much stress on the boat.

Finally we arrive Limassol, Cyprus. Now, the wind is increasing up to 40 knots and we are happy to get shelter and some rest.

From sunshine to heavy hail showers... the weather is quite variable at the moment.

However, shortly there will be fair winds again and we are ready to continue our trip.

Tomorrow, we will set sail and start heading west... Greece and its many lovely islands are waiting! :)


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