Hurghada - Port Said


Port Said, Egypt, 11/3-2012


Sailing distance made: 7452 nautical miles

Time to leave Egypt, set sail and head for the Mediterranean...

But first, I want to share the latest news and photos from our sailing through the Golf of Suez, as well as from our trip north through the Suez Canal.

After three months in the Red sea, we have to say good bye to our local friends and start our trip north. There is lots of paper work that has to be done in Egypt, and when this finally is finished, we get the permission to leave Hurghada.

During our sailing from Hurghada to Suez, we have more or less constantly north-west winds up to 35 knots. So, we have to trim the sails and beat the wind. The sun is shining but even so our trip north is getting quite wet...

Sailing through both day and night, without sleep, we finally arrive Suez. Here, we are really happy to get a good night sleep... :)

In Suez, we have to wait some days to get the permission to go through the canal. When all the papers finally are ready, we can continue our trip through the desert...

The Suez Canal is about 100 nautical miles long and is made in two day trips. One night is spent in Ismailia, in the middle of the canal.

After two days on the move through the canal, we arrive Port Said, our last port in Egypt.

With many new experiences from our stay in Egypt and the Red sea, we happily look forward to enter the Mediterranean sea and continue our trip and adventure there...

It is time to release the ropes, set sail and get out at sea! Once again, more wind, water and salty waves are waiting us... ;)


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